non-fungible tokens | 0.05 ETH
  1. Evoke images, memories, and emotions
  2. To relate harmoniously
  3. To be understood or receive a sympathetic response

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Resonate is a generative art NFT project released on the Ethereum blockchain. Resonate is designed to reshape the way we think about language and connection. Enter your own word and let Resonate generate a preview of a unique piece of art based on that word. Once you’re happy, mint it for 0.05 Eth as one of 10,000 unique pieces of Resonate history. Each Resonate NFT you own will be downloadable as both an image and animated video.

Public Sale

How Does Resonate Work?

Resonate lets you enter a word of your choice, generating a unique image and animated video for that word. The algorithm is created in such a way that the image generated represents the word as accurately as possible while staying within the constrains of the art style.

Try out Resonate before launch!

By joining our Discord you can gain access to our generator and see what words will look like before launch! Plus you’ll be a part of an awesome community that’s constantly growing and hosting regular giveaways for your chance to join Resonate for free.




At 25% sold we will airdrop a Resonate NFT to 2 random Resonate holders and donate $10,000 to charity, as decided by the community

  • Total 2 NFTs given away
  • Total $10,000 NZD donated to charity


At 50% sold we will airdrop a Resonate NFT to 3 more random holders and donate a further $20,000 to charity

  • Total 5 NFTs given away
  • Total $30,000 NZD donated to charity


At 75% sold we will airdrop a Resonate NFT to 5 more random holders and donate a further $30,000 to charity

  • Total 10 NFTs given away
  • Total $60,000 NZD donated to charity


At 100% sold we will airdrop a Resonate NFT to 10 more random holders, donate a further $40,000 to charity, plus send a printed and framed version to one lucky holder

  • Total 20 NFTs given away
  • Total $100,000 NZD donated to charity
  • Full size printed and framed version sent to one Resonate holder
  • Future charity auctions for different causes
  • Work will start on future utility and NFT collections, driven by community involvement


At Resonate we love the thought of being able to help those in need and aim to help out as many charities as we can. On top of the $100,000 potential donations from initial sales, we will be reserving many Resonate NFTs designed to be auctioned off for related charities. This “Pink” piece will be auctioned off at the right time and 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Help us to help the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will Resonate cost?

Each Resonate NFT is minting at 0.05 ETH + Gas, for both Presale and Main sale.

Can I try my own words?

By joining our Discord, you can have the chance to try out our Generator straight from the Discord channel! This lets you generate an image from a word of your choice and find some words you like.

How many can I mint?

The presale is restricted to 3 Resonate NFTs per account, but during public sale the limit is 6 NFTs per transaction.

How can I get on the presale?

We are holding regular competitions on Twitter for access to the Resonate Presale, follow our Twitter and join our Discord to keep up to date with all the latest updates on giveaways and promotions.

Did you catch the game last night?

Nah, we were too busy working on Resonate.






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